Tracking and Match-move Services


If you have watched the mind blowing visual effect based movies like the transformers or the hulk and have been blown away by the spectacle of Optimus prime battling its enemies or the incredible hulk tearing up entire towns and wondered how all that fast paced and fantastic characters could be brought to life so realistically, then lets us take you into the world of matchmoving and 3d camera tracking. Yes, it is these visual effect techniques that are responsible for the 3d objects such as the Hulk or Optimus prime in action, that you see blending in so effortlessly with their human counterparts in these movies.


As providers of this service for over a decade, we highly recommend that you use the top rate matchmove and 3d tracking services provided by our highly professional and skilled G-VFX team, so that we can bring the same effect to your videos, commercials, movies, advertisements and video games.


In our decade long career, we at G-VFX have provided innumerable matchmove and 3d tracking services to many satisfied clients across various industries, by tailoring our solution to match their budget and unique needs.

Our work has been of excellent quality and unmatched in terms of price and affordability. We have always been dependable and reliable working around the clock and always available at any time of the day and night to address queries from our client located anywhere around the world from NewYork to Tokyo to NewDelhi.


Our clientele always come back to us because of the professionalism and personal care we demonstrate on each and every project. At G-VFX, many of our matchmoving services are directed towards our producers from the entertainment industry. Matchmove is basically a software-based technique that we apply post production to videos or live video footage recorded by a normal camera.

Using this highly innovative match move technique, we insert computer graphics into live-action footage, ensuring at the same time that we carefully maintain correct position, scale, orientation, and motion with respect to the subject being photographed in the original shot. When the new animated elements and objects are composited or grafted back into the original live-action shot from our highly skilled G-VFX team, they seamlessly blend in and seem to be an integral part of the original shot. An excellent example of the matchmoving technique adding that extra panache to your movies is the instance of match moving in the movie Terminator 2, where this technique was used for the first time to introduce the melting man character convincingly into the movie. Another great example of match moving is the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movies.


Matchmove is used not just for entire movies but it can also be used for jazzing up your movie credits as is done in the movie panic room or the movie Easy A. As a matter of fact, match move was used for the London 2012 Olympics to show audiences real time informational cgi based objects such as the names of swimmers in their own swimming lanes or even new 3d motion camera angles for gymnasts.

Matchmove is simply a visual effect technique that is made up of two parts, first is 3d tracking and the next is calibration. In the matchmoving services performed by our highly experienced G-VFX team, computer generated images or CGI such as saying the hulk or the Optimus prime or even Dolby in harry potter, are introduced into a movie as 3d objects and these objects then interact with the other movie characters in a way that it appears that they are living breathing characters as tangible as the human characters in the movie. Our expert led team at G-VFX performs 3D tracking which essentially involves a complex set of steps, they begin by deriving the spatial relationships or the relation in space between points which are tracked in 2D space and then map these points in 3d space by using appropriate algorithms.


These steps subsequently are then used by our G-VFX team to produce an approximate trajectory of the camera used to film the action in 2d to be exported to the 3d application. At G-VFX, our team of dedicated professionals uses the best available technology in the field of 3D tracking by employing newly emerging tools such as 3D equalizer, Boujou, Pixel FarmPFTrack, and RealVizMatchMover.


To keep ourselves ahead of the game we at G-VFX are open to new technological innovations, which we incorporate into our solutions such as the floating point optical flow analysis from companies such as The Foundry and The Pixel Farm and emerging new laser scanning technologies.

As it is mostly software-based, matchmove has become increasingly affordable. At G-VFX, we strongly recommend that match move and 3d tracking be used to enhance the quality of your 3d videos as much as possible. Not only has the cost declined in recent times, but also matchmove is now an indispensable tool with which you can make your videos and movies more slick and realistic while staying within your budget and without compromising on quality.