About G-VFX World

Thank you for visiting our website.  We are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  As a premier company with a global footprint, we have worked with many big names in the entertainment, animation, gaming and healthcare fields.

With over a decade of experience across industry-wide portfolios of domestic and international clientele, we bring to you the best and most cutting edge post production solutions for all your business needs.

Whether your requirement is modest or big, whether it is an animation, video game, live action movie, tv commercial or a music video, we offer a plethora of post-production solutions, ranging from rotoscoping, keying, tracking and matchmoving, restoration and clean up, thereby adding significant value and finesse to your final product.

A typical  post production project at G-VFX involves the following steps: removal of a subject from its live background using the program tools such rotobrush from adobe. In order to rotoscope or remove a subject, keying is done to mark out the removal edges. In order to smoothen the edges, matting is then performed to ensure videos run smoothly. 

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