Chromakey Services


At G-VFX we offer cheap, affordable, dependable and reliable Keying or chroma key services which are an integral part of our affordable and quality G-VFX rotoscoping process. Cheap and best chroma keying service is a post-production visual effect technique employed by our G-VFX team for composting or layering a foreground object onto a different layer/background in order to merge both the video formats to create a new layer.


At G-VFX, It is called chroma – color – layering because it uses the properties of different chromatic ranges to induce transparency. For instance if a subject is shot in front of a green screen, then the keying feature is used to render the green color transparent so that the whole background becomes transparent and the layer/video/image underneath is revealed as the background in the subject. For this reason, at G-VFX the chroma key is also known as color keying or color-separation.


At G-VFX we provide cheap and quick chroma keying services because Chroma keying is particularly useful in television based weather and news telecasting wherein the weather person or news caster is shot against a green screen, which is later replaced by CGI maps or relevant news footage.


Traditionally chroma Key was mostly performed using a blue or a green screen.

The rationale for the choice of these two colors was that the color blue on the basic color palette is complimentary to red pigments found on the human skin and therefore human subjects would stand out better for keying.


The color green was preferred because the editing software was better able to pick out green in the background even with minimal lighting, additionally in shooting videos, the choice of lime green as a costume color is rare. The logic behind this being that every time a subject wore the same color as the background color, the subject clothing would also be rendered transparent along with the background, so green also came to be a choice of backgrounds.

However now with more recent advancements made in the chroma keying software, almost any color can be used as a background.O)”e we provide also finds numerous applications in the movie and the gaming industry. At G-VFX, we use software, such as Premier Pro, Avid, Lightworks, Autodesk Smoke, Final Cut Pro X, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effect.


The G-VFX team believes that Adobe After Effects is currently the best software available to work with the blue/ green screen. Among the host of its features, we at G-VFX use is the Keylight feature, which is used for keying or rendering transparent the blue or green background layer, after which a feature called the garbage matte is used to identify the area to be made transparent.


The garbage matte feature is so called because it is used to remove those unwanted parts of the video which have not been removed from the green or blue screen removal process. This unwanted ‘garbage’ could be equipment such as a holding rig or a light grid lighting up the blue/green screen. This process is essential at G-VFX for ensuring that our client receives only the best chroma key service available in the market today at unbelievably cheap prices.


To help you decide to use our G-VFX cheap and best chroma key services and show how keying services are essential in the entertainment business, here are a few examples of movies that have been shot completely using the cheap and affordable chroma key green screen as background – Speed Racer, Alice in Wonderland, Wayne’s World and Walt Disney’s Darby O’Gill and the Little People.


At G-VFX, we know that for the cheapest and affordable keying service option to work best, it is essential to use high resolution cameras and uniformly lit solid-color screen as a backdrop. Backdrops that are not evenly lit can cause problems due to the difference in the way the light will reflect off the differently lit parts, which in turn affects how seamlessly our G-VFX chromakey process will be able to key out the background. Some of the other things we believe at G-VFX and instruct our client is about videos that do not lend themselves to easy keying are highly compressed video formats such as the MPEG and DV formats.


At G-VFX, the dependable brand name for cheap and affordable chroma keying services as a company specializing in visual effects, we realize that on some occasions, the quality of video may not be of the best resolution, either due to poor lighting conditions or perhaps also due to poor camera resolution. In such a situation, our affordable G-VFX team of dedicated professionals employs their deep skills to work with low quality footage by employing appropriate software packages such as Red Giant Keying Suite, PhynxKeyer, and the Boris Continuum Chroma. These software packages build on the standard softwares and are faster and have advanced keying techniques.


Some Examples of movies which have employed the affordable chroma keying technique with great results are the ‘The Thief of Bagdad’. Shot in in 1940, this movie was the first movie in which the chroma key effect was used by its inventor Larry Butler. The use of this novel visual effect technique won him an Oscar award. The revolutionary value of chromakey in production and post production today can be deduced from the fact that today it is possible to shoot entire movies without needing elaborate sets or props. Some instances of this type of film making depending almost entirely on keying to generate the atmosphere can be found in movies such as the graphic novel adaptation 300, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) which had neither any props nor any real set.